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ROME OPEN MUSEUM EXHIBITION is the Rome international venue of new media & public art. Designs new interactions between art, culture, technology and public space. Looks and imagines Rome as an open museum, sensible, diffused, expanded place of knowledge and memory which practices the new media technologies in the interconnection among art, culture and urban environment.

An event of new media art which aims to the territorial innovation by the valorisation of the cultural heritage of the Capital City and the active involvement of the citizens, of the urban travellers and of the visitors in new ways to experience the public space:

as urban interactive environment

as sensible architecture reinvented by light

as sound landscape generated by the presence of the bodies

as creative, ludic, connective experience


The international exhibition of new media art R.O.M.E. is a urban path to promote and valorise uncommon places of the City to relaunch their beauty and poetry, to exhibit them as public art ouvre.

R.O.M.E. experiences the city as autopoietic and pulsive ecosystem in which the new media art becomes a totemic element for the social aggregation and for the territorial developmente through culture and creativity.

Crossmedia spectacles, interactive installations, big architectural projections, transmedia concerts, augmented squares follow one another in the urban path individuated spacing, in new media key, from art to theatre, from dance to jazz, from biofeedback to videoprojection mapping, passing through augmented spaces which connect squares and citizens thousands of kilometers far from each other.
Moreover: open labs, encounters, open discussings and collateral events to generate a new farsighted debate on the match among urban environment, art and emergent technologies in the age of information at the speed of the light.

We want to promote a cultural, glocal and intelligent tourism, the formation of new local and international audiences experiencing the contemporary art passing through the place of the City reinvented by Rome Open Museum Exhibition.

An exhibition of public art, site-specific, mediated by the new performative flows of the digital arts and the interactivity between work and spectator, which engages in the memetic heritage of the City of Rome with a new way of thinking the public space and the cultural goods. R.O.M.E. generates places of social sharing, emotional exchange, collective memory, critical reflection and active participation.

Rome Open Museum Exhibition projects the city as a urban immaterial scenography in the theater of emerging media whose actors are citizens and urban travelers.

The first international exhibition of new media art R.O.M.E. generates the activation of a network of collaborative innovation on a local, national and international level, the creation of many works of public art that will involve many areas of the City in two weeks full of new media art and culture. The event will present an international award R.O.M.E. #NewMediaPublicArt Prize in 2015, will launch emerging artists and groups of the territory and a special Call for digital works unplagged, or that do not use electricity.

The Rome Open Museum project intends to generate a permanent co-creation workshop to experience a sensitive museum able to exchange information with visitors and which stimulates the discovery of the city through the re-enchant and surprise.

The architecture and urban landscape become so living material that through the artistic expression is capable of generating new memory and new sensibility, new tracks emotional and affective.

Rome Open Museum Exhibition is a concept & design by Pasquale Direse – , in collaboration with Aggeliki Tsekeni & Michael Dotolo, with the sustain of Roma Capitale – Assessorato alla Cultura e Turismo – Dipartimento Cultura.